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Westinghouse Solar Lights

The Westinghouse solar lights are great for your walkway, patio or driveway. The Westinghouse solar lights have stainless steel construction. The spikes on lights are made of stainless steel too. The Westinghouse solar lights has high output natural white LED bulb. The LED bulbs are two times brighter than other solar lights. The Amorphous solar panel charges battery during day, photo sensor turns light on at dusk/off at dawn. These Westinghouse solar lights provides nice glow without being too bright. When compare to other solar lights, the Westinghouse solar lights has durable glass lens. The glass on lights is real and heavy duty.

The Westinghouse solar light are very easy to assemble. You push the light directly in the ground or tie to the patio railing and you are done. It only takes about 5-10 minutes to install these lights. The lights starts working the day you install them. When you install these light be careful as the steaks are little fragile so when pushing them down the do not break.

These solar lights are made of stainless steel and the glass gives an elegant look. These solar lights include 8 solar lights and 8 1000 NIMh AA batteries. The batteries NIMh comes with these lights, are better than other brands. The Westinghouse solar lights have high quality batteries that allow the light fixture to burn longer and brighter. These solar lights stays on over 11-12 hours straight, while other leading brand solar light batteries run out.

These solar lights charge even on cloudy days and run through whole night. The glass lens is much larger than other solar lights and the stainless steel construction is sturdier than other lights.

When you order, the Westinghouse solar lights get delivered to you fast and in good packaging. When you buy the Westinghouse solar lights, make sure you buy the "HIGH OUTPUT" ones, as they have high quality batteries that give bright light. Buy these lights and never have to get new sets again. These lights provide good accent lighting to your walkway, patio or front yard.

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