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Welcome To The Future Of Energy is your ultimate guide to solar-powered products. Here you can find buying tips, installation guides and product reviews for all kinds of solar powered gadgets. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to become an educated consumer when choosing solar products.

With current issues such as sky rocketing gas prices and global warming, more and more people around the world are turning to alternate energy solutions. Governments around the world are starting to give incentives for using solar energy. Manufacturers of solar-powered products and equipment are developing more products designed to help streamline everyday life. Not only are solar gadgets innovative and exciting, but they can also help save money on energy costs and help preserve the environment.

Here at, we have a wealth of information on all types of solar-powered products. Are you looking for information on a particular solar product and can't find it here. Feel free to contact us and we will do our very best to get the information for you. is all about inspiring everyone to


What is Solar Energy
What is solar energy? Solar energy is one of many form of the renewable energy sources that converts sun's rediation into electricity through solar panels.

Solar Q & A - Answer to your questions about solar electric system
These solar faqs will help you to understand the basics about solar energy. Get to know about solar system before buying or installing solar system at your home or office.

Solar News - Latest information from Solar Industry
We keep you informed about solar industry with solar news. Here you will get the latest news about the alternative energy sources like solar, wind, geothermal and biomass.

Solar Energy Books, Renewable Energy Books,Wind Energy Books
This solar energy book will help you understand the basic of solar energy. I have teamed up with amazon to bring latest and best selling books about all alternate energy sources.

Solar Incentive
Solar Energy Incentive. We have information on rebates from government around the world. You can not only help environment but also get grants or rebates and incentives from government.

Energy Tax Credit
Are you qualify for energy tax credit? If yes, you can get upto $1,500 credit from the government for using energy efficient products.

Solar Education
The universities and educational organizations are offering solar education to supply the demand of ever growing solar industry.

Solar Powered Attic Fan
Solar Powered Attic Fan cools your attic with no cost to operate. Find what you are looking for - Buying Tips, Benefits, Step by step Installation Guide.

Solar Tubular Skylight - A Bright Future
Worrying about kids leaving lights on. The solar tubular skylight uses sun energy by giving you natural sun light in any area of home. It can be used in schools, factory and commercial buildings.

Solar Outdoor Light - An Energy Eficient Solution
Solar outdoor light and solar specialty lights give your garden a magnificent look and help to lower your energy bill. Information on what type of solar lights are best for your home or office.

Solar Fountain - Bring Joy To Your Garden
Solar fountain keeps you connected to nature without running your electricity bill. You can have soothing sound of water dripping to keep you relaxed outdoor and indoor too.

Solar Backpack- Keeps you going and going.
Solar Backpack keeps your handheld devices running with solar energy. You can charge your laptop with solar backpack. This cool device best for the people on the go.

Solar Chargers – For Cell Phones, Car, AA Batteries, iPod
Solar chargers - for emenergencies and everyday use. Never worry about having dead batteries again. Charge your cell phone, iPod and handheld gadgets on the go.

Solar Pool Heater
Worrying about energy bill going up in summer? Solar pool heater helps to reduce a load on energy bill by using sun power.

Solar Pool Cover
Solar pool cover keeps your pool water warm and clean by keeping out unwanted items like leaves and bugs. See how it works and what are the benefits of pool cover.

Solar Hot Water Heater
Solar hot water heater provides hot water to your home or business with sun energy. You can significantly reduce your dependence on fossil fuels and save money.

Solar Cooker - Make your meal with natural light.
Solar cooker uses the natural energy from sun to cook food. You can cook almost anything with the cooker. Learn more about types, pro con and how to make your own cooker.

Solar Shingles Power Up Your Home.
Solar shingles harness sun energy to power your home. They not only work well but also look good on your roof.

Solar Product Reviews - The verdict is out.
Find the best solar product with our solar product reviews that deliver you the information you are seeking on any solar product. These reviews will help you to make your choice with confidence.

Solar Attic Fan
Solar Attic Fan Reviews and ratings - Find out which attic fan is best for your attic. Comapre attic fan with wattage, airflow, warranty, mounting and more.

Tubular Skylight
Solar tubular skylight review delivers the facts about solar skylight. The review will help you to choose the right tubular skylight for your home or office.

Homemade Solar Energy
Home made solar energy product review. Generate your own electricity with the help of these books and be energy free. This book will guide you how you can make your own energy products for less.

Water for Gas
Water for Gas, now you can run your car with water as a fuel. The book will teach you how you can modify your car to run it on water.

Amazon Kindle 2
Kindle 2 will be in the market soon. Find out about the Pros and Cons of Amazon's new Kindle 2.

Green Product Of The Day
Today's green product is The Solar Clear Pool Water Purifier. It reduces the chlorine use by up to 80 percent and works right out of the box.

Green Energy Articles
Get the latest green energy articles. Find latest information about alternate energy resources like solar, wind, hydrothermal, bio-mass energy.

Green Investing - Invest in Companies that shares same interest as you.
What is Green investing? You can invest in companies that are making earth friendly products and make money. We have list of companies that are taking part in Going Green project.

Green Gift For Her, Green Valentines Day Gifts, Eco-friendly Gifts
The green gift for her guide has many eco-friendly gifts that will get the smile on her face. This valentines day give her the gifts that will make her feel special.

Green Gifts For Him
These Green Gifts for Him are eco-friendly and unique, He will appreciate your effort. The process of making these gifts do not produce any gas emmissions.

Green Gifts For Kids - Eco-friendly Gifts
Green gifts for kids. Give your children the gift that is eco-friendly and are not harmful. The toys are innovative and educational too. We have the gift for baby, toddler, and preschooler to teens.

Green Gifts For Home, Eco-friendly gifts for home
Green gifts for home, give your home a gift that are environmentally helpful. Make your home energy efficient with these eco-friendly products.

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