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United States government is giving tax incentives or credits for using renewable energy sources like solar, wind, ocean and geothermal. State government also gives tax rebates for the residents of the particular state. Among all energy sources the most popular sources are Solar Energy and Wind Energy.
Southern states of US are rich with sunlight and Solar Systems are widely used there. The residents of Arizona, Florida, California and many more state governments are giving incentives too.
The US market has grown 62% over the last year. Many economists predict that in future the solar energy will create more job opportunities in US. As more and more people will aware of using solar energy, solar industry predicts US will be the largest market for solar products by 2011.

Here you can get comprehensive information on state, local, utility and federal incentives for United States. Here you can find incentives and rebates for your state. You will also find federal grant program, personal tax credit, production incentive. If you are living in US then this site is right. Click Here for more information.

For California resident this is the right place. Here you can get updated information about solar energy rebate. Here you can apply for grant online. You will also get information on low income incentive program, performance base incentive calculator which provide how much you will get for tax credit and information on rebates for natural gas and water based equipment. Click Here for more information.

For the Florida state residents this site is helpful. Here you get application form, contractor and information on different solar grant programs. You have to apply for rebate within 90 days after the purchase of solar system. Click Here for more information.

If you are living in Los Angeles and you would like to apply for incentives, this is the place. Here you will get information on residential solar power incentive, how to apply, how much you can earn, what are the requirements you have to meet for getting incentive. Click Here for more information.

Arizona residents, whether you are using the sun to create electricity to power your home or business, or using the heat of the sun to meet your hot water needs you can earn incentive. Here you will get information on solar incentives for people of Arizona or businesses who want to invest in Arizona. Click Here for more information.

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