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Top 10 Green Resolutions for 2010

As we all will welcome the New Year in few days, you are busy planning on your New Year resolutions. Every year you make New Year resolutions, but despite your good intentions, your list is too big and never fully actualized. This year, make the resolutions for the environment that actually make a difference in your life and along the way you save money. These top 10 green resolutions help to simplify your homes, and your lives, to be greener, healthier, and happier this coming year.

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1. I resolve to start recycling. Recycled as much as you can. You can start by recycling the plastic bags, paper and cans. About 50 percent of your trash can be recycled. Buy products in a recyclable bag or can. Once you make a habit of recycling, your family and friends will follow you to make this planet greener.

2. I resolve to use energy efficient appliances. Appliances around the house need electricity. It cost you to operate these appliances. Energy efficient appliances help you save money on your electricity bill and less green house gas emission. If you are planning on buying new appliance, give the old one to the needy people or donate it. Do not throw it in the garbage. During the year, do not limit yourself to only these changes, but will continue to evolve as you try to lesson your CO2 impact on this planet.

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3. I resolve to use eco-friendly cleaners. Start using eco-friendly detergent, laundry products and other cleaners. Many eco-friendly cleaning products are plant based, concentrated and biodegradable. They are as effective as other cleaning products.

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4. I resolve to use recycled bag. Plastic is the worst enemy of environment. You can start your new year by using recycled bag as often as possible. The recycled bags are made from candy wrapper, denim jeans or other recycled materials.

5. I resolve to start composting. Composting takes more time and energy. But it is not hard, once you get the habit of doing it, you will make a difference. Besides, composting helps the plants grow. You can compost leftover food, fruit and vegetable skin, dry leaves and yard clippings.

6. I resolve to use less electricity. Using less electricity makes a difference. Your house will produce less green house gas and you will save money. To reduce your electricity usage, you can turn down the heat by 2 degrees during winter season. Put an extra layer of cloth to keep you warm. Change the light bulbs with LED bulbs, this way you save energy and produce less green house gases. Use less hot water by washing clothes with cold or warm water.

7. I resolve to give up paper towels. Paper towels create waste, which is not good for the environment. You can save trees being cut by using reusable towels. The microfiber towels grip dirt and dust just like paper towels. Once you are done with them, wash them and reuse again. If you must use the paper towels, buy the recycled paper towels.

8. I resolve to avoid wasting gas. Gas makes our environment more polluted than plastic. You can walk, use bike or public transportation. It is good for your health and the environment. Another thing you can do is check your tire pressure. If you keep your tires properly inflated, you could save gas and increase your gas mileage.
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9. I resolve to start using stainless steel water bottle. Water bottles are widely used around the world. The plastic bottles takes long period of time to compost. They create more pollution in the environment. Start using the stainless steel water bottle. If you have to buy plastic bottle water, then use the same bottle by refilling it.

10. I resolve to plant trees. This New Year resolution is easy and everybody can do it. Try to plant a tree every month. Planting tree with your children is a great activity to spend quality time with them. You can teach them about how plants help the environment. If everyone on this planet tries to plant a tree, half of our environment problems will be solved.

During the year, you do not limit yourself to only these top 10 green resolutions, but continue to evolve as you try to lesson your CO2 impact on this planet.

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