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The Renewable Energy Education Kit

The renewable energy education kit teaches children the importance of energy saving. The kit is the best way to teach the younger generation about renewable energy sources and science. It is great for kids who enjoy science and eager to know how things work. The kit is great for birthday or holiday gifts.

Product Description:

If your kid is wasting electricity by leaving lights on in the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen, then the renewable energy education kit is the right tool to teach him about saving electricity. It is important to teach the kids about saving Mother Nature. The kit is the right tool to teach the next generation to go green.

The kit teaches kids how they can generate electricity by using the natural energy sources like wind, solar etc. Once your kid understands about saving energy your electricity bill will reduce and you will produce less green house gas, which is harmful for our planet.

The renewable energy education kit has a solar photovoltaic cell which provides power to the electrolyze module. Electrolysis separates hydrogen from distilled water. Use the resulting hydrogen in the 0.3W air-breathing proton-exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell module, which powers the mini fan module. PEM fuel cell module works silently and without combustion.

Product Includes:

  • Solar Photovoltaic Cell
  • Fuel Cell Module
  • Electrolyze module
  • Fan
  • User Manual
  • Experiment Guide

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