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Sunsei Solar Powered Vent -
Keeps your boat ventilate anytime.

Are you ready to sail in your boat? Do not forget to buy the sunsei solar powered vent. It ventilates 24 hours a day without using any power. It provides silent and reliable ventilation.

Product Descripation:

If you are a sailor, you will know about ventilating your boat. You have tried almost every vent and still you are not getting the results. Your boat has heat build-up and condensation in hot weather. The solar powered vent by Sunsei is effective and made from stainless steel. After installing it in your boat you can be relaxed and enjoy the sea. It will ventilate your boat day and night. It runs on sun energy, which your boat will get plenty of in the sea. It has NiMH batteries that last long time than regular batteries. You can seal manually to prevent water ingress on your boat. The stylish looking solar vent can be installed on wood, glass, metal, plastic or canvas.

Product Includes:

  • Solar Vent
  • 2 AA Nimh Batteries

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