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Solar Specialty Lights - Add Flair Anywhere You Put It.

Solar specialty lights are unique and they add a style to your party or pool or garden. These specialty lights has scientifically designed solar panel collector, which converts sun energy in to electrical energy. The energy stores in rechargeable battery to light up the solar lights at night time. Some specialty lights can be used both indoor and outdoor.

The specialty lights make your home or other buildings modern with no cost of electricity. Solar outdoor lights for home keeps it more inviting without paying much on electricity.You have a freedom to put these lights anywhere you want. You do not have to call an electrician or landscape artist.

Led Lights

Solar Led Light

Think of having party at your home? The led lights are there to save you money, time and have the cool party atmosphere without electrical wiring. These special led lights are fun to use. You can use these lights for Christmas. They come in different shapes so you can use it in your home or outside. The panel has to be installed outside. The led bulb life expansion is longer then ordinary bulb.

Solar Pool Lights

Solar Pool Light

Solar pool lights are best for pool or a jacuzzi. The lights float all day in the pool as they collect and store electricity in their rechargeable batteries. The lights recharge in partial sun light and automatically turn on when it is dark. Some floating lights are equipped with changing color technology.

Solar Rock

Solar Rock Light
Solar powered rock looks just like ordinary rock. As it gets dark the light turns on and it gives your garden a whole new look. Having one of this is benefit in both ways. You can put the rock anywhere in your garden.

Solar Flower

Solar Flower Light With this specialty light you can enjoy the flower in any season. It only needs little sun energy. These flowers can be used indoor or outdoor of home. There are tulip, sunflower and other types available. The solar flower adds beautiful accent lighting at night.

Solar Grill Light

Solar Grill Light
Solar grill light is there when the sun is out. When the sun is out it is little dark and you can?t see how your steak is cooked. The grill light can be put on the grill or anywhere near the grill you can get the good light on food. A 8 hours of charged batteries can run up to 2 hours. The LED offer bright light for 50,000 hrs. So you do not need to replace these bulbs.

Solar Flag Light

Solar Flag Light

Solar flag lights are good for office buildings or as well as private use. The flag lights will draw attention to the flag and building. The installation is same as other solar lights fixtures. You can mount it directly to pole or you can install it on the ground. The lights are made with high quality LED to give bright lights.

Solar Planters

Solar Planter

Solar planters are as unique and decorative as the plants you put in. These weatherproof planters are perfect addition to any garden decor. You have a choice of color to suite your decor. The solar planter has a separate control unit mounted on a ground stake for positioning in direct sunlight to run the LED bulbs and an on/off switch with auto on function at dusk.

Address Light

Solar Address Light

The solar address light makes it easy to your guests and delivery drivers to find your house. The numbers are visible from 100 feet away. The bulb runs up to 8-10 hours a day. The light is weatherproof. This unusual light helps the emergency personnel to spot the house easily.

Solar Eternal Light

Solar eternal lights are the graceful way to pay your respect to your loved ones after they have gone. At night the soft white or colored light will glow and spread the warm atmosphere around your loved ones. A custom made laser eternal lights are also available in the market. The laser creates the effect of your loved ones on three dimensions.

Solar STOP Sign Light

Solar stop sign lights are hard to forget. this special light has solar panel which charges the outlined small bulbs around light. This light is very useful at night where there is no street light. It is eye catchy and it can prevent the accidents on stop sign.

Solar powered road side warning light

The construction lights are used to warn to motorist of road hazards. Many constructions companies are using solar powered signs. The solar panel recharges the batteries during whole day. These lights are largely used on highways and construction sites.

These specialty lights are as useful and any other solar products. The best thing is that these lights save money and give your home or any other building a stylish look without paying for electricity.

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