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Solar Shingles Power Up Your Home

Solar shingles are designed to look just like ordinary asphalt shingles and are very attractive and effective. Once the shingles are installed on your roof, they create electricity by capturing and converting natural sunlight. They are also lightweight and very easy to handle. You can even place them directly onto fire-resistant roofing.

Solar shingles are also referred to as Building Integrated Photovoltaics or BIPVs. They combine solar cells with slate, metal, fiber, cement or even asphalt roofing.

When the sun strikes the semiconductor layer, electricity is instantly generated via the PV modules. The progress and popularity of BIPV has been restricted in the past by relatively high costs or limited availability.

A single shingle will not produce enough energy to adequately power your home, but hundreds working together can. If your shingles generate more energy then you need, you can sell the excess energy to the government and earn incentives.

Solar Shingles1

At one time, solar panels were very costly and no one really liked the idea of having large solar panels on their roof. However, new, modern solar-shingled roofs have a deep, dark, purplish-blue color, and therefore look very similar to the roof itself in most situations. They allow the homeowner to make use of solar panels without the need for large, unsightly panels on their roofs.

Photovoltaic shingles also help to reduce your energy bills. They can be used for commercial as well as residential properties.

Solar Shingles

Manufacturers are currently working on even more products that are even more attractive, as well as simpler to better allow the shingles to help you turn your home into an ultra-efficient home.

If you are already considering re-shingling your roof, consider doing so with solar shingles. The solar power industry is always working to further refine their processes to produce more energy at lower costs.

Having the shingles with panels on your roof is an efficient form of renewable energy that not only save you money, but help preserve our precious environment as well.

By having the shingles or panels on your roof it means that they are blatant form of renewable energy, especially compared to wind turbines.

If you are constructing your new home or remodeling consider using solar powered shingleson your roof. They enhance your home and make your home free from grid.

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