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First Solar Powered Cell Phone from Samsung

When you hear the word solar powered cell phone, you immediately think about how long it will take to charge the phone. We don't know the answer yet.

solar powered cell phone from samsung

Samsung, a number two cell phone maker in the world, has won the race to deliver the greenest phone on the market. It is called Blue Earth. At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Samsung has launched five new phones, but the solar powered cell phone was the center of attention. Through the Blue Earth cell phone, the company aims to the consumers who want to reduce their carbon footprints. To make it look earthier, the company designed it as a flat and well rounded shiny pebble.

The body of the phone is made out of recycled water bottles. It is free from harmful substances like flame retardants, beryllium and phthalates.


solar powered cell phone from samsung

The solar powered cell phone has solar panel on its back to charge the phone with a touch screen. The charger of 10 to 14 hours will provide four hours of talk time and it meets the newer standby mode energy efficiency ratings. It has an energy conservation mode called "Eco mode", to adjust the screen brightness, backlight duration and Bluetooth.

In addition there is an "eco walk" function with an in-built pedometer, to let the user count their steps. It also include calculator to calculate how much CO2 emission have been reduced by walking instead of taking the car.

Samsung says the Blue Earth comes with a unique user interface designed "to draw attention to preserving our fragile environment". Samsung is aiming to make the product as eco-friendly as possible. To achieve the company will minimize the packaging made entirely from recycled paper.

solar powered cell phone from samsung

It is small enough to fit in your pocket. It will be available in the UK during the end of 2009. At this point there is no downside of the phone, except you can not charge it at night. If it is power efficient then it can be charged with yellow light. But many companies are working on that issue, so we have to wait for some time to get these things perfect. It would take some time for the phone to be affordable to every one who would want one, regardless of income and country of residence.

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