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Solar attic fan utilizes the sun's energy to eliminate heat and moisture from your attic. As long as the sun exists, the attic fan costs nothing to operate, since it depends solely on solar panels to generate energy to run it. By using a solar-powered attic fan you can help the environment and save money on your energy bill all at the same time.

Solar Attic Fan

Summer Time
During hot summer days, the temperature of the typical attic is higher than 165 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat and moisture from attic then infiltrate your house, causing your air conditioning to work harder.

Winter Time

During cold winter days, the heated air from the attic melts snow that accumulates on the roof. The next time the temperature outside drops, the resulting water becomes ice allowing moisture to remain in the attic and cause problems such as mildew and dry rot.

All Year Long

Moisture enters your attic through everyday activities such as shower and cooking and becomes trapped. This can encourage the growth of mold, as well as cause serious damage to your roof.

We used to store items boxes, Christmas decorations, clothes, and other such items in our attic. If we needed those things during the summer, I used to go up to the attic to retrieve them only to find myself in a boiler room. We had an electric attic fan, but it just didn't deliver the result we wanted and needed.

Eventually, we wound up having to replace our entire roof due to heavy storm damage, and at that time our contractor suggested we try using a solar attic fan instead.

I did some research on solar attic fans, and the more I learned about them, the more eager I became to replace our old attic fan with a solar-powered one, so that's exactly what I did. The following summer, I really felt the difference. It wasn't anywhere near as hot as it had been before as it now remains properly ventilated all year round. The solar-powered attic fan did cost a bit more initially than an electric attic fan would have, but it more than paid for itself in savings on our energy expenses.

Solar Attic Fan

Why Solar Powered Attic Fan are better than electric attic fan?

An electric fan has a thermostat that triggers the fan to start only when the temperature of attic goes beyond 125 degrees Fahrenheit. Then after that, it has to run for some time for the temperature to drop below 110 degrees, so during especially hot summer days, an electric fan can burn quite a bit of energy.

Solar-powered attic fans use energy derived directly from sunlight to operate instead, so they work all day long to keep the air circulating and the attic cool. Keeping your attic properly cooled and ventilated in turn decreases the burden on your air conditioning when the temperature rises, saving even more money and energy.

Solar attic fans also increase the durability of your roof by reducing moisture build-up in your home from everyday activity, and like other solar-powered devices, solar-powered attic fans work quietly. Furthermore, you don't need an electrician or any city permits to install them.

These fans are available for every type of roof under the sun, including gable, pitch, and flat variety. You can also use them to improve ventilation in your garage, RV, or barn.

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