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Solar online courses and distance learning programs empower you to learn and earn at the same time. There is a job boom on the way in solar industry. So why not take the opportunity and become a part of the fastest growing industry.
The benefits of online classes are endless. Let us find out how these solar online classes are beneficiary to you.
  • You attend a course at anytime from anywhere. By doing that you are helping our planet by not producing gas emission by driving to the campus.
  • The course materials are accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so you have the ability to read and re read lectures, discussions, explanations and comments.
  • The online environment makes instructors more approachable. The students can talk openly with their teachers through online chats, email and news group discussions. It provides enhanced contact between instructors and students.

If you are planning to join the solar industry, start learning about solar energy and renewable energy. You can find many courses that help you pursuit a career in renewable energy industry. Many courses are not offered at the colleges or education institutions near you, we have a list of colleges and institutions offers online classes or workshop.

DISTANCE EDUCATION offers solar online courses on how solar energy works, the difference between solar thermal systems and solar photovoltaic and zoning considerations. Some of these courses teach you how you can install your own solar panels.

At NORTHEAST SUSTAINABLE ENERGY ASSOCIATION the workshops are taught by professionals in the sustainability field. It's on the road workshops are held each year and has started a webinar series. It has started a webinar series. The conference is the largest renewable energy conference in the Northeast.

SOLAR FEST has over 70 workshops on renewable energy and sustainability topics. It is offering festival-goers the opportunity to learn skills and knowledge from many of the leading thinkers and doers in the country.

ALTERNATE ENERGY University offers a variety of solar online courses designed to help everyone learn more about Renewable Energy. The online classes cover everything from basic energy efficiency concepts to solar electric and solar thermal installation. Take a class today to help you in your quest for clean Renewable Energy!

ALTERNATE ENERGY WEBINARS has the educational videos on the basic of renewable technologies, solar electric, solar air heating or solar water heating. The narrator will take you on an entertaining and informative journey through the world of renewable energy.

SOLAR ENERGY INTERNATIONAL teaches individuals from all walks of life how to design, install and maintain renewable energy systems, and how to design and build efficient, sustainable homes. offers a fully-comprehensive online training program for individuals who want to be a part of the fast-growing solar industry. The programs offered are proven general and practical knowledge.

At Student technicians will learn the practical design criteria, installation guidelines, safety issues, maintenance, and legal considerations of solar hot water heating systems and/or photovoltaic power systems through the solar thermal and photovoltaic training.

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