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Home owners are considering using solar light for their garden. Solar light uses no electricity to operate. Solar panel on top transfers the sun energy to the charger. They comes with a sensor eye to turn on and off by themselves. When you are going out on a vacation or you leave early in the morning and will come home very late at night. You do not have to turn the garden lights on in the morning and worry about the extra money you have to give Electricity Company. This gives you freedom to spend extra money on other things.

To install a solar attic fan you need tools and in some cases you need a professional to do the work for you. But to install the solar lighting system in your garden or on deck it's a piece of cake. You do not need any tools, just push the edge of light in the land and enjoy the light at night.

Just as the outdoor solar lights become popular among us the manufacturers are making very stylish and beautiful lights. The weight is not much and very easy to set-up. Here is the guide to help you to choose the best suitable light for your home or office.

Solar Landscape/Garden Light

Solar Landscape Light

Before long time ago the landscape light were installed just above the ground. The landscape light also called solar garden lights. You can not see the light source. The reason was that the light fixtures were plain and uninviting. Now it is new trend to have creative and attracting light fixtures. The solar landscape lights have attractive design and the main benefit is that they work by solar energy. You do not need electrician or you do not have to change the landscaping. You can install it within 30 seconds. Isn't that cool!! You do not have to spend your weekend. Solar garden lights make your landscape more beautiful at night.

Solar Deck Light

Solar Deck Light
The deck lights have longer life with all the weather condition. You have to make a hole in the wood or where you want to install these lights. In the market the deck lights has different shapes and styles. You can choose which type is best for your deck. The deck lights are useful for patio, balconies and wood porches.

Solar Path Light

Solar Path Light

If you are a home owner then you do not want your guest to run in bushes or trip over. Solar path lights are there to help. The only thing to consider in using solar walkway light is the panel should have direct sun light. These easy to install and you can be envy of your neighbors. The good quality LED provides brighter light. Some manufacturers use high quality LED to make path light. Solar path lights are available in a different shape. Most of the solar powered lights are weatherproof. You can put it near the bushes in your walkway.

Solar Lamp Post Light

Solar Lamp Post Light

Solar lamp post light comes in various designs. You can use this light on any post or you can use them on walkways. The light illuminates your home and gives the style and uniqueness. The solar bubbling lamp post lighting system adds flair to your front yard.

Solar Shed Light

Solar Shed Light
The solar tubular skylight gives light to indoor space where it is always dark during day times. Solar shed light adds light to any outdoor space like gazebos, garages, barns and green houses. Just like any other solar lights this shed light is easy to install and maintenance free. The weatherproof design mounts almost anywhere and this light works even on cloudy days.

Solar Flood Light Solar Flood Light

Solar flood light works for roughly 2 weeks without any sun energy. Some are available with built-in heat and motion sensor turns the light on. You can use the security light in your entryways to your home. So when your family and friends near your entryway the halogen bulb lights up by solar energy. You can put the panel in area where you get the most sun and the wire is connected to panel and light. So you can put the light anywhere in your garden or entryways etc. You can choose the sensitivity level and duration of light to be turned on.

Solar Security light

Solar Security Light Solar security lights come with motion detector. The motion detector detects activity in up to 70 feet away. When this light is activated it throws light on targeted area for up to 3 minutes. You can use this light where the electric wiring is hard to reach. This light is great way to scare the intruder or burglar. You can choose from three different types of watt sizes. 10 watt, 30 watt and LED light. These security lights are weather proof.

Solar lanterns

Solar Lantern

Solar lanterns are easy to install and required no wiring. Solar lanterns give your garden an elegant look. Some lanterns have sensors that automatically turn on at dawn and off at dusk. Couple of led light gives more brightness and they have long durability. The lanterns have different shapes and sizes to your requirements.

Solar gadgets are environmentally friendly. They help us to save money in today's economy. The good news is that you do not have to pay much for the stylish look around your home. These lights and fixtures add extra value to your home. So why not become the envy of neighborhood.

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