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Solar IPod Charger - Never Miss Itunes

Solar iPod charger keeps your itunes going no matter where you are. The charger runs on solar energy. Place the charger in the sun and after few hours your dead iPod come to life. You do not need a power outlet. Whether you are hiking, boating, camping or any remote place where the power outlet is hard to get, the solar iPod charger will be there to charge your iPod. You can hear your music any time you want.

The solar panel on charger absorbs sun energy and transfers it to the internal battery of solar iPod charger. The LED light on charger indicates the charging.

The iPod is connected to the charger, you get your iPod ready to use. In case you do not use the stored battery in charger, it has long life expansion. For iPod lovers the charger is very helpful for back up power source. You can fully charge the battery inside the charger and use it later on.

The charging time to charge battery varies by the panel position, sun light and output of charger. The higher mah output on charger the faster iPod charge.

Buying tips

solar ipod charger1
  • Look for the solar iPod charger that is light weight and small. So you can take it anywhere with you and hear the music you love almost anywhere. The charger can fit in your pocket or purse.

  • Some charger comes with different adapters for all generation of iPod. Most of today?s iPod charger charges iPod, iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, and the iPod U2. Before you buy the charger make sure that it will work with your iPod model.
  • Look for the battery for solar powered iPod charger that is lithium-ion replaceable and rechargeable.

    solar ipod charger

  • The latest iPod charger has foldable solar panels on top. It is very easy to store and you can place it flat on almost any surface to charge.
  • Check that the solar iPod charger has protection against reverse flow of power. You do not have to worry about loosing iPod battery by leaving the charger plugged in iPod.
  • Some iPod chargers are compatible to charge most model of cell phone, AA battery. You can charge all your gadgets at the same time.
  • Solar hybrid charger works both ways. You can charge your iPod with sun energy as well as regular power outlet.
  • Some charger has only panel that connects to iPod with USB adapter. This gives you instant electricity. You can not store the electricity generated by charger.

For those of you who can not live without your itunes, the solar powered iPod charger will be very helpful. It is perfect gift for any occasion. You can help the environment to compensate the carbon emission that would be created.

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