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Solar FAQs

Solar FAQs

Q. Why do I need to install solar system in my home?
Q. What kinds of solar energy technologies are available?
Q. How does solar system work? What are the benefits?
Q. How much energy does a solar system produce?
Q. How much energy do I need?
Q. What is net-metering?
Q. What modification do I have to do to run my home on solar energy?
Q. How does using solar system affect the value of my house?
Q. How much roof space is needed to power my home?
Q. Can I heat my pool water with solar system?
Q. How long the installation takes?
Q. Who does the installation?
Q. Do I need batteries in my solar electric system?
Q. But if I don't have batteries, how will I get electricity during the night?
Q. Where do I have to install solar panels?
Q. Will panels withhold hail, snow, and lightning strikes?
Q. Will solar panels supply electricity for 24 hrs a day?
Q. Do solar panels need maintenance?
Q. What types of warranty are available for solar panels?
Q. What is solar shingles?
Q. Will I get rebate?
If you can not find the answer to your questions here at solar FAQs. Please feel free to ask our experts. We will try our best to answer your questions.

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