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Q.How long the installation takes?

Ans. The residential installation takes about half a day to several days including all the paper work and permits and utility interconnection agreements etc. It takes 2-3 days to install a residential system. For commercial system, it depends on the location, permits and other variables.

Q. Who does the installation?

Ans. Solar systems can be installed by professional solar installers. You need to find one in your area.

Q. Do I need batteries in my solar electric system?

Ans. If you are living in an area where you get power outage on regular basis and you are living ?off-the-grid? means totally depend on solar energy then you need batteries. Batteries will increase the overall cost of system and required maintenance.

Q. But if I don't have batteries, how will I get electricity during the night or when the sun isn't shining or it a cloudy for several days?

Ans. The electricity produced by your solar system is used directly by your home. The excess electricity of your home?s requirements is sent out to the utility grid, spinning your meter backwards. You will get a credit from your utility company. The solar panels produce the maximum electricity in full sunlight. But they will still produce energy when it is cloudy or raining which will be less than normal. That time you can buy electricity from your utility company or use the credit to buy back utility?s power at night or for those days when you need more electricity than your system has produced.

Q. Where do I have to install solar panels?

Ans. The professional installers will guide you about the location of installing panels. Usually, the solar panels can be mounted on south side of roof, where it gets more sun light during day to produce electricity to power your home.

Q. Will panels withhold hail, snow, and lightning strikes?

Ans. Yes, the panels withstand ½ inch to ¾ inch hail balls. In case of snow covered on panels will reduce the production. But the panels are installed in the location where they get most of the sun light. So the sun first melts the snow on the solar panels. The panels are tilted with a surface made of tempered glass allowing snow to easily slide off. In case of lightning strikes, the solar system will be grounded under the National Electric Code.

Q. Will solar panels supply electricity for 24 hrs a day?

Ans. No. Solar panels transfer the sunlight into direct electricity. So as the sun light reduces in the day as the output of panels. You can attach the battery to the panels. As the excess electricity, more than your need is produced by panels will be stored in batteries, and you can use that electricity at night.

Q. Do solar panels need maintenance?

Ans. Solar panels required little or no maintenance. You have to clean the panels occasionally using a non-abrasive cleaner. The dust on panels will prevent them to get most sunlight.

Q. What types of warranty are available for solar panels?

Ans. Solar panels come with 25-30 years warranty. So you do not have to worry about replacing the panels for a long period of time. The panels work same over the period of time.

Q. What is solar shingles?

Ans. Solar shingles are just like your ordinary shingles unless it produces energy for your home. The installation is the same as regular shingles. Today?s solar shingles looks just like ordinary shingles and blend with your roof color. Solar shingles are one way to power your home with solar energy without changing the look of your home.

Q. Will I get rebate?

Ans. Yes, you can get rebate for using solar energy. Governments around the world are giving incentives to promote renewable energy sources.

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