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Solar Energy Myth

"These solar energy myth will change your perspective about solar energy."

Solar energy myth is our assumptions about this renewable energy source. But they are urban myth and here we will get to the bottom of these assumption and deliver the facts.

8) Solar systems are unreliable and produce substandard energy than conventional energy technologies.


  • Solar energy systems have been tested by many public and private organizations to make sure they conform to strict standards.

  • Solar energy systems produce the same power as it is produced by any utilities.

  • Most solar-powered devices have been thoroughly tested by Underwriters Laboratories, just as electrical appliances are.

  • The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has found photovoltaic energy to be "the most reliable source of electric power ever invented".

  • Many people who utilize a solar heater consider it to have been a wise investment.

  • Solar energy systems are reliable because they continue to provide power during blackouts.

  • Solar energy systems are required to meet the requirements of the National Electrical Code, as well as the local utility and building codes just as traditional electrical systems are.

9) Solar power is not practical in urban areas.


  • Installing solar products in urban areas eliminate the need to penetrate asphalt and dig underground.

  • Solar power systems are viable and cost-effective alternatives to grid connections in many urban areas.

  • Solar products do not produce noise or pollution.

10) Solar products require more energy to manufacture than they produce in their lifetime of 30 plus years.


  • The average lifetime of a PV module is 20 years, therefore PV systems produce far more energy than they consume over their lifetime.

  • The energy consumption of the PV manufacturing process has gone down considerably as silicon processing procedures in particular have become more efficient.

  • PV modules pay for themselves in savings in less than 4 years.

11) Manufacturing solar products results in more pollution than is saved by solar usage.


  • A PV system meets 50% of the power needs of the typical household and would eliminate approximately half a ton of sulfur dioxide pollution from the atmosphere.

  • The pollutants produced in the manufacturing process are minimal and those that are produced are largely recycled.

  • PV devices are in essence "electric glass". The silicon substrate they are made of is a close cousin to window glass.

  • Solar powered devices and solar thermal devices are essentially specialized formations of glass, steel, aluminum, and plastics. Their manufacturing process is comparable to that involved in the making of household windows, water heaters, and mirrors.

  • The process used to render it electrically reactive is the same as that used in the microchip manufacturing industry, a process much prized by states and municipalities for being a clean manufacturing process.

12) Solar power is small industry and is appealing only to small niche markets.


  • The solar power industry is growing by more than 38% each year.

  • As oil prices skyrocket, more and more people around the world are recognizing the importance and viability of alternative energy resources.

13) To collect enough solar energy you need to install large arrays of collectors which require huge land area.


  • The average home or business has sufficient roof space to accommodate enough PV systems to meet all its energy needs.

Solar energy myths like these can intimidate many people that may be thinking about making the switch to solar energy. By doing our homework and becoming informed, we can help eliminate misconceptions and misinformation about solar and wind generated energy for the good of the planet and of society.

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