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Solar Energy Myth

"These are the most common solar energy myth."

Solar energy myth is our assumptions about this renewable energy source. But they are urban myth and here we will get to the bottom of these assumption and deliver the facts.

1) Solar power is too expensive.


  • Solar industry is growing in popularity, as solar-powered devices are not nearly as expensive as they were in the 1950's when they were first introduced.

  • Solar energy is a renewable energy resource, as massive amounts of sunlight penetrate the earth?s atmosphere each day.

  • Solar products have a long life span compared to grid dependent products.

2) Solar power won't work during the winter, or at all in some areas of the world.


  • Solar power utilizes light not heat, so even during the winter, solar-powered devices will continue to work efficiently.

  • The light required to operate a solar-powered energy system does not need to be derived from direct sunlight.

3) Solar power will not provide enough energy to run larger appliances.


  • Solar energy provides enough energy to power your entire home. In some areas of the world, people are already living comfortably using only solar energy.

  • You can easily generate more electricity by adding more panels.

4) It only provides power when it is sunny or windy.


  • Solar technology is effective and cost efficient anywhere in the U.S.

  • Solar technology operates efficiently on cloudy days as well. Many photovoltaic systems utilize batteries to store electricity for a long period of time. This stored energy can be retrieved later when it not enough sunny.

5) Solar-powered devices are too difficult to install.


  • Many solar products are in fact very easy to install. Solar outdoor lights and other specialty lights are especially easy to install, so much so that you can even install them yourself.

6) Solar-powered devices only last for 5 years.


  • Solar-powered devices have a minimum 10-year warranty. A solar attic fan, for instance, has a 20 -25 year warranty. Commonly used electrical devices do not last nearly as long, and they have on average only a 3-5 year warranty. After that you must repair them or buy new ones.

7) Solar energy is not worth it or it is not profitable.


  • Solar-powered devices can actually save you a lot of money when it comes to your energy costs and they utilize the same amount of energy you already use to run grid-dependent appliances. Given time, solar-power pays for itself in savings on energy costs.

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