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Solar incentives and rebates are a lucrative and effective way to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency among homeowners and business owners alike. Governments around the world have started these programs to encourage both homeowners and businesses to consider renewable energy sources as viable alternative to traditional fuels.

If you are considering using solar energy in your home, or if you are already using solar energy, you may be eligible for special government-sponsored incentives and grants. To be eligible for some government grants, you will need to use certified installers, products, and appliances.

With some incentive programs, the government has appropriated a certain amount of rebate money for a given year. It is allotted to the public on a first come, first served basis, so if you are planning to apply for rebates, be sure you are the first one in line.

What is required to qualify for a rebate?

  • A photocopy of the original signed purchase agreement

  • A photograph of the installed system.

  • A completed incentive program rebate application form.

  • To qualify for some incentive programs, you may need additional documents, so it is important to remember to check with your local government.

Click the country to get more information on government grants and renewable energy incentive programs including solar.

List Of Countries
  United States   Australia   Canada
  United Kingdom   Argentina   Austria
  Brazil   Bulgaria   Belgium
  China   Czech Republic   Denmark
  France   Finland   Greece
  Germany   India   Ireland
  Italy   Norway

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