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Solar Cooker -
Cook Delicious Food Without Fuel!!

Solar cooker is the safest, most convenient way to cook delicious food without the need to burn fuel. It uses an arrangement of reflectors to capture solar energy on a cooking vessel.

It combines cooking concepts that have been in use for thousands of years with modern ingenuity by providing an oven that can cook food by being placed in the sun. It was invented by Horace de Saussure in 1767. There are over 100,000 cookers in use in both India and China.

Solar Cooker

In today's modern world, people are using it when they are camping, boating or hunting. You can use it as an alternative to barbecues and grills. You can relax and enjoy your outdoor activities while your food is being cooked using the natural energy of the sun!

Solar energy really is the simplest and most convenient solution when it comes to preparing food. Solar cooker cook food without the need to burn fuel or heat up your kitchen, and it's versatile, too. You can cook almost anything with it! It works in much the same way your conventional oven does. The difference is that it does not require any fuel and does not cost anything to operate.

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You can cook any recipe with it. It takes more time to cook food, but the waiting is worth a million. The food cooked in it taste delicious. The biggest advantage of it is that once the food is cooked, it stays warm without overcooking. A number of modern designs are inexpensive and easy to build. In some developing countries, the basic type is more popular.

Making your own cooker is very easy and fun thing to do. It heats up to around 200-250 degrees, which is plenty hot enough to cook most things. You can still use your oven-safe pots with it.

sun cook solar oven If you don't want to make your own, then we recommend you to go for Sun Cook Solar Oven. It is perfect to cook the delicious solar cooker recipes. It has double glazed glass which traps the heat and can keep cooking food after the sunset. It is only available for Australia and New Zealand residents.

Currently, these cookers are most frequently used by campers, environmentalists, hunters, outdoor gourmets, food preservations, and kids developing science projects. They also come in handy when it comes to boating, sailing, fishing, picnics, and beach parties. (The safety offered by fireless cooking methods like these are especially beneficial to boaters.)

Some cooker are even portable enough to allow you to carry them the way you would a suitcase. Isn't that amazing?

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