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Solar chargers draws power directly from the sun, that gives you free power wherever you are. So they are safe, fast and easy as the sun based energy is completely free and creates no harmful impacts. With many unique designs they are powerful enough to charge all your handheld electronic products at home or on the move. Just plug your devices into a renewable source of electricity.

Solar iPod Charger Solar AA Battery Charger Solar Cell Phone Charger
Solar iPod Charger Solar AA Battery Charger Solar Cell Phone Charger

This invaluable piece of kit provides essential power in the most remote locations. It also has short-circuited protection, over-charging protection and over-discharging protection. You can charge PDA, mobile phones, iPod and PSP, Nintendo DS too.

This weather resistant AA battery charger has output of 6-7 volts. The adjustable stand is to absorb maximum sunlight for faster charging. It is designed for portability with blocking diode.

This fast charging solar charger can charge 99 percent of mobile phones or any handheld devices which operation voltage is between 4.5 V-9V. It has intelligent voltage adjustment technology and bright LED light to indicate various voltage modes.

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Solar Portable Charger Solar Direct Charger Solar Hybrid Charger
Solar Portable Charger Solar Direct Charger Solar Hybrid Charger

The portable solar charger has operation voltage of 3.5V to 5 Volts. It charges solar battery by using direct sunlight or by plugging it direct into an electrical outlet. It has professional overcharge protection circuit, high temperature protection.

The reusable solar direct charger collect energy from sunlight and either store it for later use or charge your cell phone, PDA or MP3 player. The built in battery lets you use the power right away or much later.

The hybrid charger comes with internal battery for charging portable electronics. The internal battery absorbs energy from wall socket or sun light. The device comes with a series of interchangeable tip system connectors, including connectors for Nokia, Motorola, and Samsung cell phones, along with a mini-USB tip and an interchangeable tip system cable. And travelers will love the included global wall charger, with adapters for the U.S., U.K., Europe, and Australia/New Zealand.

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Solar 20 Watt Battery Charger Solar Car Battery Charger Solar Laptop Charger
Solar 20 Watt Battery Charger Solar Car Battery Charger Solar Laptop Charger

This 20 watt battery charger has output up to 250 Watt maximum. It is semi-flexible, durable and all weather compatible. It has high efficiency plycrystaline cells and rubber surrounds. It is best for RVs, boat or many big vehicles.

This solar car battery charger is designed to protect against natural battery discharge and electronic drain in RVs, boats, trucks, or mobile homes. This deep-cycle solar-powered charger is engineered to maintain your vehicle's 12-volt battery. Illuminated LEDs lets you know the panel is charging, and mounting screws are included if you choose to fix the panel near a constant sunlight source. It comes with 2 year warranty.

This compact and portable solar charger gives you power anywhere under the sun. With a choice of voltage and many adapters included, it can power and charge anything from an iPod to a laptop computer. It has 24 and 5 volt sockets to suit most devices.

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