Solar Gadgets Information

Solar Chargers keep you going.

Solar Chargers need sun to charge the batteries, i-pod, cell phone, laptop, gps etc. Solar chargers obtain solar energy from sun and store it in an internal battery. It is connected to other devices to charge their battery using that stored power.

The chargers are available from 2 to 30 Watt range. The size of charger is depending upon solar panels used on them. The foldable solar panel is good for you when you are going on extreme hiking, camping, boating. This is light weight and foldable. You can put it almost anywhere you want to. The only thing is that you put it where it gets more sun light. Usually the chargers charge battery fast compare to power chargers. It depends upon the size of solar panel, the amount of sun it is getting and panel orientation.

Types of Solar Chargers
Solar AA Battery Charger
Solar iPod Charger
Solar Cell Phone Chargers
Solar Car Battery Charger
Solar Hybrid Charger
Solar Universal Charger
Solar Portable Charger

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