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Obtaining solar certification from major solar energy institution will likely have the effect of increasing your career opportunities. Whether you want to become certified installers of solar hot water heater or PV installer, many universities and educational institutes offer installer certification. Many people in the industry say that the lack of qualified installers is an obstacle to expansion of solar power.

With increased interest in solar energy technology, the demand of solar system installers and contractors has risen. Below are the certification offered by some of the institutions or universities.

NABCEP offers certifications and certificate programs to renewable energy professionals throughout North America. The certification courses include PV installer certification and solar thermal installer certification.

Clean Solar offer certification for Solar Applications & Installation, which is a 9 week course. The certification courses aim to provide the best installers to the growing industry.

Solar Rating Solar Rating and Certification Corporation is an educational site to provide those in the solar community information on a variety of solar system design and installation. The certification programs

Boots On The Roof has different types of solar certification courses for PV Systems, Solar Water Heating, project engineers and associate degree program in renewable energy. You can get the detail information about each course. Strive to provide the information about the different certifications available to installers working in the solar industry and the customers they serve.

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