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Solar car battery charger extends life of car battery.

Solar car battery charger is a great tool to maintain and charge your car's battery. You are not using your car much of a time. It sits in your garage for 3-4 days a week. And when you need it to go out you come to know that the car battery is dead. Well, it happens to everybody at some point. Solar gadget manufacturers have made the car battery charger that eliminates the problem of dead battery.

It replenish the power that is lost when you do not use your car and provides faster trickle charge and adds more power to keep your car battery "topped off". With the car battery charger your car is always ready to use.

Solar Car Battery Charger

The battery charger can be left outside. But some manufacturer recommends that you put a silicon gel around the edges of panel and connector. You can mount virtually anywhere to get immediate trickle-charge. You can operate your vehicle with the battery charger connected, but you have to put the panel in a safe place.

If you have a boat and it stays long time on docks, the battery is always dead when you want to take it out in sea. The solution is solar car battery charger. It charges the boat battery and keeps the boat in optimum condition and ready to use. Solar car battery charger is very useful tool.

Solar Car Battery Charger There is a variety of solar car battery chargers. It starts from small trickle car charger solar unit to large solar RV and auto battery chargers.

The 2.25 watt battery charger keeps your small size car charged. It also charges handheld gadgets like iPod, GPS, Cell Phone. If you connect the gadget and at the same time it is also charging the car battery than it will take more time to charge. So first charge your car?s battery then gadgets.

The 2.5 watt charger maintains the battery of car, light truck, SUV and van. Portable solar battery chargers are perfect for maintaining and extending the life of 12V power systems for cars, trucks, tractors, motorcycles, boats, RVs, and mowers. The 5 watt battery maintains large vehicle like RV, boat. The 6 watt battery charger charges antique cars, boats, RV, cottage. It can charge deer feeders, farm equipment, electric fences and gate openers too.

The 7.5 watt battery charger charges large vehicles like pick up truck, van, RV and boat. The 1.26 watt battery maintainer maintains your boat, car or SUV battery.

The 10 watt charger is great for powering fans and fountain pumps, charging 12 volt batteries for telemetry, or for battery maintenance.

The 20 watt charger is great for powering fans and fountain pumps, charging 12 volt batteries for telemetry, or for battery maintenance. The 30 watt, 110 watt and 80 watt battery are available too.

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