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Solar industry is making all these new and cool solar products that will free us from our dependency on power outlet. One of these cool gadgets is Solar Backpack.

Solar backpack is a mobile solar power generator designed to charge virtually all handheld devices with natural sun light. Solar bag charges GPS, Cell phone, PDA, most iPods and MP3 players.

The solar panels are fixed on outside of the bags. These panels are lightweight, waterproof and sturdy. These panels collect the sun energy to produce electricity. The electricity can be used to charge your devices. Some companies claim that the solar panels on their bags can charge a laptop. Some solar powered bags available in the market have foldable solar panels, so it will give you flexibility to get more sun light.

Solar backpacks are best for outdoor activities where it is difficult to get electricity. These bags are for everybody from students to messengers, hikers or boaters who uses their devices until the battery is drained out. They can be connected to their phone with charging by solar backpack. The backpack has different compartments too. You can store your cloths, laptop or any devices in them.

The accessories include a microphone for hands free calling, custom battery packs that stores the extra power generated by solar panels. Solar bags include standard adaptors for common cell phones and other handheld devices. Some companies give you 12V auto adapters, AA battery chargers and optional power sources.

The solar powered backpack extends the battery life of your devices by giving you freedom to charge your devices when you need it most. With solar bags you can enjoy your favorite music while charging it. Some solar powered bags come with a custom battery pack that stores the extra power generated by panels. So you can use the extra power when you need it (at night or cloudy days). You can also charge the battery pack with car charger.

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