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Solar Attic Fan Thermostat

Q. Do Solar Attic Fan could remove some of the cold air and make you electric bill higher?


Some attic fan manufacturer offer the thermostat with the solar attic fan. The thermostat works like a switch. It turns the solar attic fan off when the attic temperature falls below 80 degrees. The installation of the thermostat is really easy. You can snap it onto the wiring of attic fan.
If you have not installed the thermostat with the solar attic fan, then the fan will run all the time. After installing the solar attic fan thermostat, you will see the difference. The house will not nearly as warm inside as it was before the thermostat installation.
If you are living in the colder winter temperature, we recommend to buy the solar attic fan thermostat with the solar attic fan. It will keep the attic fan exhausting hot air from the attic.

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