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Solar Attic Fan Savings

It is widely known that using solar gadgets you can save money. How much money you will save by using solar attic fan? It depends upon many factors.

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It depends on the price of electricity in your area, your average attic temperature, your attic insulation efficiency and your attic ventilation system's effectiveness. It reduces the attic temperature up to 40 degrees and overall cooling cost. It saves up to 20-30% of the required energy costs to cool the house.

We can not guarantee how much money you will save on your electric bill but we can give you the estimated amount of money you will save.

Attic Fan Solar Attic Fan Electric attic fan
Cost of Fan $550.00* $150.00*
Fan Installation Cost $0.00 $250.00
Electrician Cost $0.00 $200.00
Cost of operation/electricity $0.00 360$(30$ Per Month*12)
Installation Time Maximum 1 Hour 6 Hours
Running Time Whole Day When temperature is over 110
Noise Pollution None Moderate
Tax Credit Yes None
Total $550.00 $960.00
Prices may vary by manufacturer. This is an average price.


  • Solar attic fans are low voltage, so there is no risk of fire.

  • Solar attic fans use sunlight to generate energy, so there is no cost of operation.

  • Solar attic fans extend the life of your roof.

  • Solar attic fans reduce your energy costs.

  • Although the initial costs of solar-powered attic fans are typically higher than those of electric fans, the installation costs are much lower, making up the difference.

  • A solar attic fan can add value to your home. At the time of sale, it can be used as a valuable selling feature.

  • Some attic fans are environmentally friendly! Go Green!

  • Proper ventilation of your attic via a solar-powered attic fan reduces vapor build-up and helps keep attic air fresh. Plus, the fan operates right out of its box, so you don?t need to acquire city permits or hire an electrician to install it.

  • In fact, solar-powered attic fans are so simple to install, you can easily do it yourself.

  • By making home more energy efficient, you have the opportunity to earn tax credit.

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