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Renewable Energy Incentive Programs United Kingdom

UK has huge resource of wind, wave and tidal energy. The wind turbine system installed in windy countryside could generate 15%-20% of UK energy need. UK government is giving tax breaks to promote the use of alternate energy sources.

IF the energy bill 2007-2008 will pass then it will create more green jobs. In future renewable energy sources like wind and wave will generate more electricity and reduce the carbon emission.

Here you can get information on grants for installing microgeneration technologies. This site is for public sector buildings and charitable bodies who want to get information on how to apply or where to apply. This site has a facility to apply online. Click Here for more information.

Here you can get information for government grants for installing microgeneration technologies for households, community organizations. You will get the latest information from the renewable industry in U.K. Click Here for more information.

Here you can get information on current grant levels for different technologies as solar Photovoltaic, wind turbine, small hydro and solar hot water. You get all your questions answered regarding microgeneration technologies and what you must do before applying, how the process work and where to apply. Click Here for more information.

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