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Here you can get information on subsidies and incentives for solar and wind energy. Previously the national law on the promotion of renewable energies did not offer sufficient incentives and therefore needed to be expanded, leading to the Law on the promotion of power generation from renewable energy sources. You can get information on biofuels promotion law too. Click Here for more information.

On this site you can get information about incentives and government grants for Chubut-Patagonia. Here you can get information on alternate energy sources like solar and wind. You will get information on different policies like Incentives/Subsidies, Third Party Financing, Policy Processes, Project-Based Program, Strategic Planning, Public Investment, Infrastructure Investment. Click Here for more information.

Here you can get information on premeer program which targets third party financing and incentives for rural area. This program is designed for the use of renewable energy sources for rural electrification purpose. Click Here for more information.

All above listed links we have gathered from various search engines. Most of links are in native language of Argentina. Being an English speaking person I am not able to validate these links. If any of the links is irrelevant please contact us. We will try our best to get up-to- date information for you.

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