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Renewable Energy Incentive Australia

Australia is one of the world's major energy producer. It is one of the largest export commodities of coal. Being one of the largest energy consumer, it produces more green house gases and pollutes the air.
Australian government is taking steps to encourage people in using less energy. To promote renewable energy Australian government has created different incentive programs. The aim of these programs is to promote solar and wind energy and reduce green house gases. Currently the renewable energy sources contribute about 6 percent of total Australia's energy supply. Schools and industries are using energy sources and are earning incentives.

This is Australian government website. Here you can find information on solar homes and communities plan which provides cash rebates for installation of solar system. You can find all your questions answered here about solar energy grants. Here you get information on eligibility and how to apply, where you can get the professional installer for solar system. Click Here for more information.

This site is for Alice Springs residents. Here you get all the information about incentives for PV solar systems, solar hot water systems and energy efficient solar products. If you are Alice Springs residents you get the free home energy survey. Click Here for more information.

Here you can learn about school grants for using solar energy. You will get information on federal PVRP rebates for school and communities, current rebate guideline, state rebates for school and community. They also give you free no-obligation consultation for solar energy. Click Here for more information.

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