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New Orleans Is Going Green

After hurricane Katrina, New Orleans is going green. In 2005, when the hurricane destroyed the city, nobody wanted to live there.

Now after 3 years, the picture is totally different. Now the organic farms have gained momentum and new bicycle lanes are being planned. Many people are using solar products for their home and businesses, thanks to new state and federal tax credits. We can say that New Orleans is going green with these tax incentives. It is attracting many renewable energy companies, to invest in the city?s going green movement.

In rebuilding the city, many homes have solar panels on the roof. Mable Howard, an 80 year old lady, whose home was flooded among others. She got solar panels on her roof, which was donated and installed for free, since than her electric bill has been cut at least in half.

The greening could gain greater footing under President Barack Obama, who recently named Lower 9th Ward native Linda Jackson to head the Environmental Protection Agency.

Under a cap-and-trade program, utilities that exceed the cap for emissions must either make pollution reductions or buy additional allowances. Those who cut emissions below the cap would be able to sell allowances.

The New Orleans City Council has approved an energy-efficiency program to improve 2800 homes and businesses a year by installing insulation, weather stripping and compact fluorescent light bulbs.

And there's an opportunity to train builders, too. A 2,-000-square-foot BuildSmart Learning Center that includes a replica of an energy-efficient home, offers free workshops to teach "green building." The center also has a showroom of gadgets like dual-flush toilets and low-flow shower-heads.

"We're a little behind the curve. But we're catching up." said city energy manager John McGowin.

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