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Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Kids

"These Last Minute Halloween Costume ideas are easy to make and fun to wear."

Halloween is around the corner. It is hard to come up with a unique costume for yourself, your spouse or your kids. There are many people who like to make their own costumes using the materials they find in their home. It gives you the opportunity to show your creative side and at the same time save money.

Why not make your own Halloween costume using recycled material or your old clothes. We have gathered some homemade Halloween costume ideas that will help you make your own creation. Donut Shape Halloween Costume

1. Donut shape costume The donut costume is fun to make. To make a costume you will need float swim tube. Inflate and paint the tube. Let it dry for overnight. Spray pain the top to look like frosting. Glue different color of party ribbons on top to make sprinkle. Take the float swim tube that fits your child so that it won't come off when they walk.

2. Birthday cake To make this costume you need hula hoops, fabric any color you like, cardboard to split and hold the layers and battery operated candles. First of all, take the hula hoops to your height. Buy them in different size to make it look like the layers on cake. Some need two or some need three.
Stitch the fabric from one hula hoop to the other and it will look like layers of cake. You can decorate the cake any way you like. You can cut out stars, round from cardboard and stick it to the cake. You can use the kids party necklaces to decorate your cake. Glue the battery operated candles on the hula hoop and your costume is ready.

3. Painter If it is your or your kid's favorite hobby to paint, then it is the easiest costume ever. You can use long sleeve white shirt and tell your kid to stamp the paint or draw whatever they like on the shirt. You can pair the white shirt with any color pant or jeans.

4. Fast Food worker You can make this easy costume in no time. You will need red apron and spray the fabric paint of any fast food logo, your kid love to eat. You can ask for a free hat from your local fast food chain. It is easy and affordable to make.

Bob the Builder Halloween Costume

5. Bob the builder costume If your kid is a huge fan of bob the builder, then you do not have to pay more for the costume. You can make it by yourself. You probably have most of the items at home. You can use a pair of overalls. Your child can wear any long sleeve shirt. You can put patches of different color material on the shirt or use the shirt as it is. The hat and tools are very easy to find at your local dollar store.

Strawberry Shortcake Halloween Costume

6. Strawberry shortcake You can use your old dress or any red color dress with full sleeves. For the apron you can cut out the white yard and stitch it to the dress. Or you can buy an apron and cut where it is necessary. For the hat either you can use red color hat or make one from the strawberry shortcake licensed material. For the hair, stitch red color yarn to the hat. For tights you can use any color with a stripe.

Curious George Halloween Costume

7. Curious George The curious george costume is easy to make and affordable. You can find coffee color shirt and leggings at your local store. You can scan Curious George logo and place it on a shirt. You can make the head piece and feet craft foam sheets.

Princess Halloween Costume

8. Princess If you do not have time to make the costume and you do not want to spend much on it, you can use her party dress. Do little bit of make up and do the hair. Buy wand and crown, your little princess is ready for trick or treat.

Witch Halloween Costume

9. Witch Scary witch and Halloween go together. It is simple to make. You can make a pointed hat out of the cardboard box that is painted black. Do some face painting and let her wear your old black dress. You can buy the real broom or make your own broom with wood stick and yarn.

10. Mother nature Costume Your kids probably has a green color t-shirt. You can stitch or glue the artificial flower, leaf, to the t-shirt. You can make a mother nature hat with real leaf, flower and vegetable.

11. Rabbit This costume is very easy to make. You can buy white full sleeve t-shirt and white pant. Have a bunny hair band and do little make up.

12. Cowgirl or cowboy This costume is very easy to make. You will need blue jeans, full sleeve button down shirt, cowgirl or cowboy hat and bandana round the neck. Cowboy boots will go perfect with this costume.

13.Football player The football player costume is inexpensive and your kid can wear it all year around. Buy a t-shirt of your kid?s favorite football player and matching shorts. Try to get the helmet and use black washable marker to draw lines on the face.

Popcorn Box Halloween Costume

14. Popcorn box This adorable costume will bring attention to your kid. To make the popcorn box costume take the cardboard box and cut off the top for head. On the bottom of the box cut holes the right size for legs. Cut holes on sides for arms too. Use red and white duct tapes to decorate the box. Make a sign of popcorn and glue it on the box. Dress your child in white t-shirt and sweatpants. Step your kid in the box and blow some balloons and place them in the box to look like popcorn. Your kid is ready for trick or treating.

15. Nerd The nerd costume is really easy to make and fun. Your kid will not scare anyone with nerd costume but sure will get some laughs from his friends. Dress your kid in khaki or plaid shorts. For shirt buy any dark color that has front pocket for pen. You can use the suspenders and bow tie for the nerd look. Buy large plastic glasses for the nerdy look. Use the hair gel and part the hair in middle and comb flat to the head.

Sunflower Halloween Costume

16. Sunflower Everybody in your neighborhood will love to see pretty flower during fall season. It is easy to make and your kid will feel comfortable in the sunflower dress. Dress your kid in green long sleeve shirt and brown pants for stem. To make a sunflower you will need yellow poster board. Draw a circle in the middle of the poster, it should be a bit smaller than your child's face. Cut the circle and draw petals all the way around the poster and cut it. Using permanent marker, draw in lines to form layered petals on the poster. Place the flower on your kid?s face. Dot little seeds on your kid?s face with washable black markers.

Lego Halloween Costume

17. Lego Costume Everyone love Lego blocks and the costume is made from recycled materials. To make the lego costume you will need a cardboard box that is big enough for your kid to fit in. A duct tape, 6 paper bowls, string, spray paint of any color, scissors.
Make a hole for head and arm. Measure it and cut the box according to that. Cut off the rim of the bowls and poke 2 holes in the middle and add string through them and knot at the end. Paint the box and bowls same color separately. It may take several coats of paint for bowls. After the paint is dry, glue the bowls to the box and your lego costume is ready to trick or treat.

18. Pirate The pirate costume is all time favorite in kids at any age. You can make this costume in less time and no sewing is required. To make this costume you will need an old pair of white t-shirt and black pants. You can fray the edges of pants and t-shirt or leave it like that. Using the freezer paper stencil you can iron the logo on the t-shirt. Tie the red color ribbon on waist and red bandana on head. Put eye patch on right eye and using eyeliner paint the face and scar on the face. You can make the sword with cardboard box or buy the one from thrift store.

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