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Kyoto Box - Eco-friendly Oven

The inventor Jon Bohmer named his project Kyoto Box. It was a simple project he had done with his girls. When they were working together on the project and having fun, Jon didn't realize that he has a solution to one of the world's biggest problems - Global Warming. The cost of making is very minimal and it works great with direct sun light. We all know it by solar cooker or solar oven.

Jon Bohmer is a Norwegian-born entrepreneur based in Kenya, is saying that it is very simple to make your own cooker. His invention took two days and it worked on the first try.

Jon's invention won the FT Climate Change challenge by beating about 300 other entries. The concept of cooking with solar powered cooker is not new. But the awareness of using solar cooker in half the world's population is very low. Still many organizations are working hard to promote the use of this cooker in third world countries. In those countries many people are still using firewood to cook their food.

You can get more information about this at CNN.Com

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