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IceTECH Portable Solar Charger

The iceTECH Portable Solar Charger is a good product to have when you stuck somewhere without electricity and you really need your handheld devices. It can be used primarily for emergency charging of your power hungry cell phone or PDA. It can be charged from direct sunlight or using your power outlet.

Product Description:

IceTECH portable solar charger IceTECH Portable Solar Charger is capable of charging 99 percent of all mobile phones, MP3 players, GPS which needs 3.5 to 5 volts. It can charge iPod, PDA, GPS and other handheld devices very fast.

The charger has high solar to electricity transforming rate. Unlike other portable chargers, it has professional overcharge protection circuit. If it is charged by sunlight for about 1 hour it will provide approximately 25 minutes of talk time on cell phone and 1 hour of MP3 playback. If it is fully charged then it will fully charge an average cell phone. It can charge any cell phone anywhere from 50-100 %. It is portable and small about the size of a pack of cigarettes.

Product Includes:

  • Solar Battery Charger
  • Cell phone adapters
  • Female standard USB adapter
  • Instruction manual
  • 12 volt wall adapter


1. Do not charge the battery using sunlight initially. Follow the directions and charge it using the AC plug at least 3 times, discharging it between cycles.

2. When charging your phone, turn off as many features as possible. Most cellphones are still on, even after holding the power button. Your phone will charge quickly. If you try to charge your phone while it's still on, you may only get a maintenance charge from the Icetech.

3. Make sure you turn the Icetech off between uses. There is a switch on the bottom near the connection port. It needs to be on to charge itself or a phone, but off when not being used to preserve the battery. When charging by sunlight, you will see a purple LED light. There is no light when charging a cell phone.

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