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How to make solar cooker

How do you make solar cooker? It's actually and easy task and is absolutely perfect for your child's next science project. It's a great way to teach your children how to save energy and help preserve the environment.

Cone-Shaped Cooker

Materials Needed

  • 2 large sheets of black poster board

  • Aluminum foil

  • Black construction paper

  • Cardboard box

  • Pizza box

  • Newspaper

  • Tape

  • Book

  • Resealable plastic bags or oven safe container

  • Thermometer


Step 1 To make a cone-shaped solar cooker, glue two pieces of black poster board together into one long piece.

Step 2 Cover one side of the poster board with aluminum foil. Smooth out any wrinkles and make sure the foil is securely attached to the poster board.

Step 3 Gently bend the poster board (with the foil side in) into a cone shape and tape it together. The cone should remain open at both ends.

Step 4 Line the bottom of the cardboard box with black construction paper to absorb heat.

Step 5 Position the cone inside the box with the narrower opening down.

Step 6 Place food inside container or resealable plastic bags.

Step 7 Place clear plastic wrap across the top of the large box and tape it securely.

Step 8 Make sure that the cooker is getting enough sun light, if it is not getting enough sun move cooker to where it gets sun light. You can even check box temperature with thermometer and compare it to outside temperature.

Pizza Box Cooker

Material Needed

  • Pizza box

  • Newspaper

  • Tape

  • Book

  • Resealable plastic bag or oven safe container

  • Black construction paper

  • Aluminum foil

  • Thermometer


Step 1 To make a cooker using a pizza box, begin by placing a few sheets of newspaper in the bottom of a pizza box itself. Cover the newspaper with a layer of black construction paper to absorb heat.

Step 2 Cut a two inch flap out both sides as well as the front of the pizza box top. Leave the top attached at the back of the box.

Step 3 Bend back the top and cover the inside of the flap with aluminum foil.

Step 4 Tape plastic wrap across the hole left by the flap.

Step 5 You can use other objects (such as books or a stack of tapes) to prop open the flap so that the aluminum foil can catch sunlight and reflect it onto the food you are cooking.

Step 6 Place the food to be cooked inside solar cooker.

Step 7 Once you set your solar cooker outside, place a thermometer inside it. This will help you compare the temperature in the cooker to the outside temperature. If the cooker is working, then it will be much hotter inside than outside the box.

Step 8 Check your solar cooker from time to time to make sure it is getting enough sun.

You can make one with a pizza box or cone shape out of cardboard box.

You can make almost anything using any recipe with solar cooker.

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