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Earth4Energy - Generate Your Own Electricity for Less than $200.

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Stop wasting your money on electricity and energy cost. Generate your own electricity with wind energy or solar panels for under $200. Michael has complete step-by-step fully illustrated video tutorial that will help you make your own energy generator. You can reduce your energy bill by 80% with the help of this book. You can make wind turbine or solar panels by yourself in the period of few hours. You can be on your way to off grid living. The Earth4Energy guide is easy to follow with the completely understandable language. This book has everything you need to know about how you can create your own electricity from your backyard? In addition to that this book will teach you how to store your energy with deep cycle batteries. These batteries cost up to $600, but the book will provide you information on how you can get them at no cost. You do not have to find the stores to purchase all the parts you need, the book will provide you with the list of stores near you live.

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Home Made Energy - Be a smart Home Owner
Home made Energy

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Are you sick of paying more and more to your utility company? Now you can make a difference and produce your own electricity. With renewable energy you can be 100% free from your dependence on utility company. Instead the company will pay you. This 52 year old man from California is getting money from the utility company. He would like to share his methods you. His step by step guide will help you and you can be like him by getting money from your utility company. 

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Home Made Power Plant
Home made Energy

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If you are the kind of person who is paying too much to utility company, then this product will help you to cut your electricity costs by 80%. While you are saving money on your energy bill you can help to save the planet from pollution. Frank Patrick is an alternative energy researcher and author of this book. His book will teach you how you can convert the power of wind and sun into electricity. You can significantly reduce your energy bill.

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