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Welcome 2009 with Green Resolutions

Happy New Year everybody!! Let's welcome 2009 with green resolutions. Many of us make New Year resolutions every year and follow them the whole year. This year make the resolutions that help the environment and your pocket.

We are welcoming 2009 with a hope to make it better than last year. Here is a list of 10 green resolutions to help us start the New Year off with a bash.

1. I resolve to bring my own stainless steel bottle.Plastic water bottles create more pollution in the environment. We always buy plastic bottle water whenever we do any outdoor activities. This year make a resolution to bring your own stainless steel bottle filled with water from your home. If you have to buy bottle water, then try to use less plastic bottles by refilling the bottle with water fountain in a public places.

2. I resolve to make some changes at home. Doing small changes around home can be good for environment and your wallet too. You can start by unplugging the appliances that you do not use often. Change the light bulbs with LED bulbs, this way you save energy and produce less green house gases. Use less hot water by washing cloths with cold or warm water.

3. I resolve to recycle as many things as I can. Using recycle products, you can do your share to save the environment. Recycle the cans, papers, cloths, plastic bags that you usually throw in the garbage. You can find the recycling centers in many areas.

4. I resolve to use less paper. You can do this and inspire others too. Print on both side of papers. Buy recycled content paper for all your paper need, and then use both sides of paper. If you must have a hard copy of any document, then only print them. If you are using recycled papers then after the use you can recycle it.

5. I resolve to use less gas as possible. You can walk, use bike or public transportation whenever it is possible. Many of us are already doing this. It is great for our health too. But for some people it is difficult as they enjoy their privacy of being in their own car. But if you make a habit of this you will enjoy the rides and explore your area. If your co-workers are living in the same area you can car pool, this way you save money on gas and produce less pollution in the air.

6. I resolve to use paper bags or bring my own bags to the grocery store. Most of us now are doing this. You can use paper bags the store provides or bring your own bags. If you make a habit of this you will never forget to bring your own bag. Keep extra bags in your trunk. You can buy cloth bags at many grocery stores.

7. I resolve to use eco-friendly products. This year you can help save the environment by using eco-friendly products. The green industries making all kind of products that work the same as any other products, but does not use harmful chemicals. You can even do a lot with just baking soda, white vinegar, and water!

8. I resolve to start composting. This is difficult. But you can produce your own plant food by composting food, vegetables and yard clippings. If you keep try to stick with composting, you can reduce the waste in the environment and make healthy plant food.

9. I resolve to buy locally grown products. If you use locally grown products, then you pay less money for it and you get the fresh food. In many areas of world it is not always possible. But you can make sure that your food is produced in an ethical and sustainable way.

10. I resolve to inspire my friends and family to go green. This one is not so hard. If you are using eco-friendly products and they are great then you can start telling your friends about what they can do and how making small changes around their home they can help save the environment. If you stick to your green resolutions your family will adopt the habit and they will spread the word "Go Green".

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