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The Solar Clear Pool Water Purifier

The solar clear pool water purifier reduces chlorine use up to 80 percents. Also, it reduces skin and eye irritation while you are in pool.

The Renewable Energy Experiment Kit

The renewable energy experiment kit teaches children the importance of energy saving. The kit is the best way to teach the younger generation about renewable energy sources and science.

Designers Edge Solar Shed Light

The Designers Edge solar shed light offers 100,000 hours of light to any area of home, garage or garden. It fully operates by absorbing solar energy through solar panel. It easily illuminates any area to ensure safety and security.

Floatron Solar Powered Pool Purifier

The Floatron Solar Pool Purfier keeps pool water clean and reduces sanitizer use by up to 75 percent. During summer season everybody like to take dip in a water. Many people like to have pool parties. It is difficult to keep the pool water clean and sanitized.

Solar Power Mouse Pad

The mouse pad is a perfect pair to solar universal charger that can charge your laptop using natural sun light.

Turbo Air Rechargeable Duster

Turbo air duster is here with a blower system to make dusting easy for you. Get rid of those compressed air cans and rely on the WD-40 Turbo Air Blower System. It makes your cleaning and dusting task easy by blowing dust from hard to reach places like computer, TV or other electronics.

IceTech Portable Solar Charger

The iceTECH Portable Solar Charger can be used primarily for emergency charging of your power hungry cell phone or PDA. It can be charged from direct sunlight or using your power outlet.

Kill A Watt Electricity Monitor

Cut energy cost with Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor.Well, now you can find out and even better cut down your energy cost too. It can tell you how much energy an appliance is consuming.

iPhone Solar Charger

It is utilizing the best available polycrystalline solar cell technology that provides 18%+ solar energy conversion and is perfectly compatible with all iPhone models.

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