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Green Halloween

"These Green Halloween party ideas are easy to follow."

What is Green Halloween?

Green Halloween Pumpkin

When Halloween comes, the holiday seasons are starting. This year you can green your Halloween by making eco-friendly and healthier choices. Everyone is going green these days by using environment friendly products in day to day life. You can do your share by making this Halloween a Green Halloween.

Green Halloween Party ideas

Kids Halloween Rattler Set You can make this Halloween Green Halloween with recycled costumes, green decorating, healthy treats. The idea of green Halloween sounds different, but you will do a huge favor to our planet and your kids will have fun too.

You can start with whatever idea that sounds fun to you and your family. Halloween provides a step forward to help the environment. Whether you have already started or thinking about using green products, the holiday is the right place to start or move forward.

If you are hosting a Halloween party for your kids at your home, consider these green Halloween party ideas.

1. First of all instead of sending invitations on papers, you can send email or use recycled paper for the invitations. This way you can reduce the use of paper being wasted. Now a day, internet is much common and everybody is using it so it is not hard to get the invitation. It will also save you money and time for stamps and mailing the invitations.

2. Buy recycled costumes for your kids and yourself too. Many stores are now stocking the recycled costumes as more people are turning to green Halloween party. You can make your own costume, have your child?s imagination lead a way. Ask them what they want to wear. This way you get a chance to bond with your child. You can host a neighborhood costume exchange or borrow from a friend.

Organic Halloween Candy 3. Instead of candy think other creative ways to give out. Kids love the candies, but they are not healthy. You can give fruit snacks, organic bar, organic juice box, trial size pack of veggie chips, 3d cards, pencils made from recycled money and raw or roasted nuts. You can make some art with your kids and hand out that too.

Eco-friendly Halloween Trick or Treat Bag 4. Use reusable trick or treat bags that can be used for the next year. You can use cloth or canvas shopping bags or make your own by using recycled paper or plastic bags. You can make one bag with your child's hand prints or let them do art on the bag. By using these bags are saving plastic being dumped in the landfill.

Halloween Led Lights 5. Decorate your house with recycled paper or LED bulbs. Solar lights can be useful for the decoration. Use reusable plates, cups and utensils. You can use cloth napkins and table cloths. If many people will consider this option, many trees will be saved being cut.

6. Buy pumpkins and fruits from your local farmer market. If you have to buy from grocery store, buy the organic brands. They are healthier and will taste good.

7. Use all the pumpkin parts. You can make many recipes using pumpkin. After you carve the pumpkin do not forget to save the seeds. They can be used to serve at the party or feed them to the birds.

These green Halloween party ideas will be helpful to you when you are planning a Green Halloween. Start making plans and list ready from today for your Halloween party.

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