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How To Celebrate Green Christmas

Green Wreath

?Green Christmas? What is it mean? It is an excellent opportunity to do something for our planet. As the Dalai Lama said: "We have a responsibility to look after our planet. It is our only home." This holiday season we have to take responsibility and show extra care for the environment. Even small things that we rarely consider can make a difference.

Every year around Christmas time, more household waste is produced than any other time of year. Packaging is among the biggest contributors to holiday trash. It impacts the environment and pollutes the air we breathe. Many of us are trying to reduce our impact on the environment by using eco-friendly or recycled products. This Christmas you can start a new family tradition of giving back to the earth by using less energy and earth-friendly products.

Green Christmas Ornament

It is not hard to think ideas for green Christmas. There are so many different ways to make excellent and interesting gifts and ornaments using existing materials, or things that are easy and inexpensive to obtain. With a little effort and imagination, we can reduce the environmental impact of the holiday season. Ideas for green Christmas gifts are usually only limited by your imagination, so start imagining!

Christmas is a Christian celebration, but people of other religions also know the importance of being green and saving valuable resources and money. We have to take a greater responsibility and action to enhance the environment. The benefit of these actions is that we will have safer, cleaner and greener place to live.

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