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Green Christmas Ideas

Green Christmas ideas are all around you. You have to use your imagination and find it. They will save you money and help to save the environment. They are easy to find in the holiday preparation. In that way you will know that you are doing your bit for the planet.

Here are some ideas for an environmentally friendly, but still festive green Christmas.

  • You can use eco-friendly gift wraps that are made using fibers and can be recycled easily. Or use your imagination and create new ideas for gift wrapping using recycle paper bags or reuse gift wraps where it is possible your children?s drawing.

  • You have a plenty of choice to pick environmentally friendly products, give your family and friends gifts that are made from recycled materials or use renewable energy resources.

    LED Green Christmas Lights

  • Buy LED lights or solar powered Christmas lights, which look the same as conventional lights but last longer and use less energy. They also save you money on energy bill and you can put them almost anywhere.

  • When you are going to shopping buy everything in a single instead of going to the store again if you forget something. You can bring your own shopping bag to the store too.

  • If you are upgrading new computer or electronics this year, you can donate your old devices to a non-profit or school or needy family.

    Green Christmas Tree

  • This season buy a real tree, because it is biodegradable. The best part is that a real tree is recyclable after the holidays. You can buy a live tree than can be replanted. This way you can help combat global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide emissions. Most cities will pick up Christmas tree for recycling.

  • Once the Christmas is gone, you can use plastic bags for wrapping ornaments or things that are breakable.

  • This year consider using family blog or an online family Christmas card to direct your friends, rather than paper cards. Instead of tossing out your holiday cards in January, you can donate them to a nursery school or day care for a craft project.

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