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These days "Go Green Save Some Green" is a mantra for many companies, who is producing green products. It is an appealing message for most people as we are constantly warned of the dire consequences of global warming out of control. During this tough economical time people want to save money and if they can do their bit to help save the planet then it makes sense all round.

You can do both at a time, go green and save money just about anywhere. The right place to start is your home. You can install solar products like solar attic fan and solar tubular skylight and solar outdoor lights.

Solar Attic Fan These products do not cost much and the installation is not so hard. You do not have to re-do your furniture or anything to fit these products. They save money on your electricity bill. Solar attic fan uses sun energy, so you do not have to use electricity after you install one in your attic. And it keeps the attic cool and fresh.

The water you use in the home is perhaps the easiest "go green and save money" source you have. Look for leaks first. Leaking faucets, even just the occasional drip, accounts for a lot of money wasted over time. You could waste as much as 140 gallons in a week! Are you using electric water heater to heat the water? You can use solar hot water heater that saves you bundle on electricity.

Solar Outdoor Light

You can mount solar lights anywhere as long as it gets enough sun light. It makes your pathway, walkway and garden look beautiful. They installs in minutes. You do not need to run a power outlet to the landscape.

Not only doing some changes in your home save you money but you can also do wonders with your car, in the office, out shopping, traveling on vacation and much more. The opportunities are endless; going green doesn't have to be more expensive, you can definitely go green and save money at the same time.

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