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Global Warming

Global Warming is the problem we are facing right now. What does it mean? What is it? Let's find out the answers to these questions.

Our Earth is the only planet that can uphold human life. The atmosphere on earth has the perfect mix of air that we need to breathe and plants and trees need for survival.

The earth is in perfect place in the universe. It is getting enough sun, on which human, plants and animal life is relying. The perfect temperature on earth keeps human, animals and plants survive. The heat from sun keeps the oceans on a perfect temperature that many species of fish can survive. We can say that planet earth provide food to every species from bottom to the top.

If the earth would heat up several degrees, then the ocean water temperature would get affected and it will make it hard for some fish to survive, which will affect the birds and mess up the food chain.

Let's see if it will be the reverse effect, if the earth were to cool permanently, just few degrees, then it will create a big problem. For example, if the snow will come early and stay for a long time then the farmers will not get enough time to plant the seeds which results in low production of grains, which creates not only grain shortage but also meat shortage.

Global Warming is really happening with our planet earth. The snow in arctic is melting, by making it difficult for some species to survive. The changing weather would effect on the atmosphere on earth. That means the levels of carbon dioxide and methane increases in the atmosphere, by making the air unsafe for us.

Change of each degree in our atmosphere is damaging the life cycle of all the species in some ways. Think about the air that our children will breathe when they will grow up.

Do something for their future. Start thinking about using less energy or using gadgets and appliances that do not harm our environment.

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