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Elenco Solar Educational Kit
Keeps Your Children Busy

Are you worrying about your children hooked up on video games, iPod, cell phone? The Elenco 40 solar educational kit can take the ease of your mind. It is a D.I.Y. kit that your children will love to do. Your children can learn how to make an electrical circuit, make a solar circuit, how to increase voltage and current, and how to use solar power to produce energy.

Product Descripation:

It helps your child to explore the possibilities of natural energy resources instead of playing video games or watching T.V. If your child loves to do science projects, then he or she will love the idea of generating their own electricity. Your children will learn to save energy that lead to reduce your utility bill.

Even many parents want to get in on the fun. That will create a special bond between parents and children. It can be a family activity, and your children will love to show their work to their friends and family. if your children will love to do these D.I.Y. projects, they will definately will more interested in science.

So get on the boat with other parents and make our planet free from these gas emissions and pollution.

Product Includes:

  • 5 volt DC motor with leads and a mount
  • Fan blade
  • (4) plastic discs from 5/8" dia to 2" dia
  • 1 5V incandescent bulb with leads
  • Sound module with leads
  • Graphic cards

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