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Eco-friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

"These are few eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas."

It seems like Christmas is almost here. Some of us are still busy looking for great deals on gifts. Some of us have done shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Now it is time for wrapping!

Recycled Gift wrap Until last year, stores are giving a free service to wrap the gifts for you. But this year, many big stores are charging you to wrap your gift. In this economy you have set a budget for gifts and stayed within it. But now you do not have to pay to wrap the gifts for you.

Like many of us, if you are trying to save money this holiday season, consider these eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas.

  • You can wrap gifts in your children's drawing. The grandparents love to see their grand kids drawing. The other option is to use recycled paper bags. The recycled paper bags are made from recycled material. The eco-friendly bags are made from 100 percent recycled post-consumer materials.

    Recycled Gift wrap - Craft
  • You can wrap gifts in comics or newspapers. If you are giving a gift to a kid, he would love to have his gift wrapped in a comic. This way you can save money and help the environment too. You become inspiration to the kids too.

  • If you are gifting edible items, you can give them in tins or jars. This serves two purposes of keeping items fresh and a nice presentation. The jar or tin can be used to store other items after the gift inside is removed. Your gifting will be remembered for a long time even though the gift has been used.

  • Another eco-friendly gift wrapping idea is to make the wrapping part of the gift. You can give the gift in a coffee mug, tote or use reusable shopping bags.

  • You can create your own wrapping by designing white paper with paint, stamps or festive ribbons. You can create your own tags by using peel and stick address labels. You can also use your imagination and make tags using construction paper, cardstock or leftover scraps of wrapping papers.

Once the wrapping is done, you can make your own bows by using magazines or newspapers. Be creative with wrapping, the gift receiver will appreciate your effort.

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