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Benefits Of Solar Shingles

Before going directly to the benefits of solar shingles, first let's get to know little about solar shingles.

solar powered shingles

Solar shingles are smaller version if solar panels. The Photovoltaic shingles are made from solar cells, just like solar panel. The difference between solar roofing and solar panels is that the shingles blend with your roof and they make your roof invisible power station. Economically, solar shingles are still expensive to some of us. As time passes the cost of photovoltaic shingles will go down. But they are cost effective than solar panels. The entire cost of home solar shingles installation is cost effective than installing a home solar power system.

Let's get to the benefits of solar shingles.

  • With attractive style and look the photovoltaic shingles blend in with your home design and color.

  • Once solar shingles are installed by a certified installer, you will get your electricity from sun. They eliminate or reduce your electric bills by 50 percent.

  • Solar powered shingles are absolutely free from harmful gases and emissions that lead to the production of green house gases.

  • Solar shingles come with a 25 years warranty, which means you do not have to replace them every 5 years. In some cases the shingles pays for themselves within the first 10 years.

  • With the constant use of solar shingles, you can reduce the greenhouse gas emission by 15g/kwh from 30g/kwh.

  • With the comparison to nuclear energy and fossil fuels, they require a little investment than these energy sources.

  • You can generate your own electricity with the solar roofing and the excess energy generated by shingles, your utility company will buy the electricity.

  • They increase your home value, you will get a good price even though the housing market is going down.

  • The governments around the world are giving tax refunds for using solar energy.

  • The shingles are compatible to all type of weather.

  • Most solar roofing systems do not require any attachments or modifications to be made to your existing roof, and are also lightweight making them easy to handle and install.

  • They provide power when it is power outage in your area.

  • They provide energy efficiency with the cost effective price.

To get the best results from the solar roofing, make sure you install the shingles where it get most sunlight. Do not install the shingles by yourself. Get the certified installer to install them on your roof.

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