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Benefits Of Solar Car Battery Charger

Solar Car Battery Charger

These benefits of solar car battery charger will help you understand why you should have a solar car battery charger. You do have to start your car frequently instead the charger does it for you.

Benefits of Solar Car Battery Charger

  • The solar car battery charger keeps car battery in a like-new condition all the time. It increases battery life span up to three times longer.

  • Solar charger protects against natural battery discharge and electronic drain in cars, boats and other small vehicles.

  • The panel has a 15 year warranty. So you do have to replace your car battery charger for a long period of time.

  • After charger plugged in to cigarette lighter socket, it instantly charges your car battery.

  • The charger restores dead lead-acid battery which suffers from sulfation build up.This is a big benefit of using solar car battery charger. It extends your car battery lifespan.

  • It protects against the natural discharge and electric drainage too.

  • You do not have to deal with rotating a trickle charger and car?s dead battery.

  • Some chargers have built in discharge and overcharge button that tells you that your car battery is charging or not.

  • Some chargers charges car battery through window, windshield and even in low sun light.

  • The charger also works for maintaining boat batteries in storage so that the fishers can have more time fishing.

  • It connects in seconds and charges the car battery fast. It charges car battery through cigarette lighter socket or by plug in directly with car battery.

  • Additionally solar charging systems can be set up for 24 and 48 volt DC systems and can be used to supply your cabin with electricity.

Buying Tips

  • Some low voltage charger only maintains your car?s battery. It does not recharge a drained battery. So be careful when you go and buy the solar powered battery charger.

  • Look for the charger that has build in diode which prevents the reverse flow. A blocking diode is built in the circuit to protect the battery against discharge in low and no light situations.

  • If you have a solar car battery charger and it does not charge your higher voltage vehicles then simply add more panels.

  • Look for a LED voltage indicator, which tells you at which rate the charger is operating.

  • If you are living in an area where you get low sun light then check for a charger that has solar cell that allows battery charger to even work well in cloudy condition.

  • Find the charger that is made of durable ABS plastic and amorphous solar cells. That will give your charger a long lifespan.

  • See the charger kit includes alligator clips that allow you direct connection to a battery.

  • Look for a car battery charger that has anti reflective high transparency tempered glass for fast capture of sun light.

These benefits of solar car battery charger and buying tips will help you making your decision. Once you have the car battery charger, your car will always ready to start.

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