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Austria Incentive Program

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Here you will find information on electric, renewable energy and natural gas subsidies from government. The green electricity act was introduced to support schemes for green power. It has a table of the feed-in tariffs for electricity generated at wind, biomass, biogas, landfill and sewage gas, geothermic, small hydro power and photovoltaic stations. Click Here for more information

The Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry launched an eight-year initiative program for active climate protection. The Austrian Climate Strategy is targeted to group oriented program in the areas construction and energy efficiency, transport and mobility, communities and renewable energy sources. Here you can find about Austrian climate policies. The main object of grants and subsidies is to reduce energy consumption and to enforce CO2-neutral usage of energy. Click Here for more information

Kommunalkredit Public Consulting acts as a partner for public-sector clients. It supports energy and climate-control programmes, consulting projects, etc. Here you can find information about subsidies that companies can obtain for use of renewable energies and other climate related measures like energy efficiency and thermal use of waste. Click Here for more information

Here you will find about Financial Incentives/Subsidies for bio-energy, biomass for Heat, Geothermal, Solar Photovoltaic, Solar Thermal and Water Heating. Click Here for more information

All above listed links we have gathered from various search engines. Most of links are in native language of Austria. Being an English speaking person I am not able to validate these links. If any of the links is irrelevant please contact us. We will try our best to get up-to- date information for you.

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