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Q. What is solar attic fan?

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A solar attic fan is an attic ventilation fan that works via sunlight-generated energy. Its purpose is to eliminate heat and moisture from your attic.

Q. Why do I need solar attic fan?


The attic is most overlooked area place in any house. During the summer, as the sun beats down on your roof, it heats up the shingles as well as the air inside the attic. An electric attic fan has to work hard to efficiently remove hot air from the attic, and the longer it runs, the more electricity in burns. Solar-powered attic fans do the same job electric attic fans do, but they do not require electricity and rely solely on free energy derived directly from sunlight.

Q. What type of solar attic fan I need?


It depends on what type of roof you have and the size of your attic. Solar attic fans come in different sizes to better accommodate each individual set-up. Please consult our chart to determine which size attic fan is right for you.

Q. What are the cost benefits of installing a solar attic fan?


How much you can save depends on the price of electricity in your area, the size of your attic, and how much ventilation the solar attic fan you choose can provide. However, we can help you determine an estimate of how much you will save

Q. Is the solar attic fan very loud when they are operating?


No. Solar attic fans are whisper quiet. In fact, you can hardly hear it even if you are standing right next to it.

Q. Can I install the attic fan by myself?


Yes, you can easily install yourself in about 30 minutes. Consult our installation guide to help you better understand the process. However, we always recommend that you closely follow the installation guide that comes with your particular attic fan or get the help of professionals to help you if necessary.

Q. The perfect spot for a solar fan is already taken by a long roof vent. Should I place the fan below the vent? If so, should the vent be plugged?


You can install solar attic fan below the vent. Normally solar fan should be installed on the south side of your roof where it will get the direct sunlight. The attic fan needs direct sun light to give the best performance.
To get the maximum output from solar fan, you can close the vent. As solar attic fan exhaust hot air from the attic and sometimes the hot air comes from vent into attic. You can install the attic fan in the place of vent.

Q. Is it possible to install an attic fan on a Monier tile roof?


Yes, you can install the solar powered attic fan on any type of roof. You may install attic fan by yourself or get the help from the professional. We recommend letting the professionals install the fan. But many do it yourselfers install it by themselves.

Q. How do you handle getting a water tight seal with a curb mounted fan when installing with a new spanish tile new roof?


The solar attic fan kit includes tri-polymer roofing cement or caulk. If your attic fan does not come with a caulk, you can easily get the tri-polymer cement from your local hardware store. The cement seals attic fan with the roof. The caulk blocks air, water going in to the attic.

Q. Do I need to block the existing ridge vents or install the solar fan far from them to prevent short-circuit flow from the ridge vents to the fan?


Solar attic fan does not need any electricity to work. It needs only sun light to exhaust hot air from the attic. The perfect spot to install solar fan is on the south side of your roof. You can keep the ridge vents and use the solar attic fan too.

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