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Solar attic fans help keep your attic cool all year round by keeping heat and moisture build-up to a minimum. Like other solar-powered devices, a solar-powered fan also saves you money on energy costs, extends the life of your roof, and helps you do your part to preserve the environment.

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Many of us think that buying or installing an attic fan is always very expensive. However, with solar attic fans you do not have to worry about installing electrical wiring or hiring a contractor to install it for you. In fact, it is so easy to install that you can do it yourself and we can help you. Check out our step-by-step installation guide. We can help you to make decisions when it comes to buying one, too.

Here are the solar attic fan buying tips that will help you in the process.

  • First you have to decide which size and power fan you need based upon size of your attic. Below is a table designed to help you choose the right fan for your attic. For instance, if your attic size is 1200 sq feet than you will need a 10 watt solar attic fan. Each of the available sizes can be installed on gable, pitch, and flat roofs.

    Watt Cools area Sq feet CFMS Output
    10 Watt up to 1200 sq. feet 850 cfms
    15 Watt up to 1600 sq. feet 1050 cfms
    20 Watt up to 1800 sq. feet 1250 cfms
    25 Wattup to 2300 sq. feet1550 cfms

    The CFMS means cubic feet of air moves per minute. The higher the cfms, the more powerful ventilator and the more air exchanges per hour it provides.

  • Most fan models come equipped with flat panels that don't allow for adjustment, but some fans feature an adjustable solar panel option to help you make the most of the available sunlight.

  • Look for fans that feature 5-wing precision aluminum blades, as they allow for a higher CFMS rate. Many fans come with 3-wing or 4-wing blades, but 5-wing blades require fewer rpm to do the job thus ensuring the maximum possible efficiency level.

  • Some fans are made of plastic-like materials such as fiberglass, making their durability questionable. We recommend buying fans that feature heavy gauge aluminum for this reason, as they hold up better against the elements. Aluminum attic fans are even able to survive such severe weather conditions as hail, and even tornados.

  • Look for solar attic fans that have stainless steel wire mesh on top of the bracket. The stainless steel wire mesh keeps birds and animals from entering into the fan.

  • Some attic fan can begin to make noise over time. Check for a manufacturer?s guarantee that ensures a "whisper-quiet" motor.

  • Attic fans are even available in various colors to better match your roof color. However, we recommend uncolored versions as they better maximize the energy derived from natural sunlight.

  • Hybrid solar attic fans are also available on the market. This type of fan utilizes both solar energy and wind energy -- solar power during the day and wind power at night or on exceptionally cloudy days.

  • Look for an attic fan that can minimizes backpressure caused by exhaust gas. Flashing that features an angled throat design allows for more efficient air flow.

  • Ask for an attic fan with thermostat, as a thermostat will help regulate the fan's operation. This will help ensure your fan is working only when required.

  • Pay close attention to the manufacturer's warranty that comes with your fan. Then you are covered if anything goes wrong. Some manufacturers even provide up to 25 years of warranty coverage on the fan's housing, solar panels, and motor.

Maintenance Tips

Solar attic fans virtually take care of themselves, but they still require some maintenance to ensure a long life and optimal output.

  • Dust will eventually collect on the panels creating a film that can impair energy absorption. Gently clean the panel from time to time with warm soapy water, rinsing thoroughly afterward.

  • Your attic fan's motor has brushes that you may need to replace after several years. Replacement brushes are available from your attic fan dealer and are easy to install. It can be done in about 5 minutes from inside of your attic. You do not even need to climb onto your roof.

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