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Above Ground Solar Pool Heater

If you are a pool owner, you and your family probably would like to use it more often but worry about the rising costs of fuel in today?s economy. If this is the case, and above ground solar pool heater can help.

The solar pool heater uses free and natural solar power to warm the water in your pool. You can even begin to use your pool before summer begins as well as after it ends allowing you to get the most possible use out of your pool. A solar pool heater helps balance your pool's temperature and keep the water adequately heated.

above ground pool heater

Solar pool heaters work very simply. The pump circulates the water through the solar collectors before returning the water back in the pool allowing you to enjoy nice, warm water and swim whenever you like. The collectors need about 5-6 hours of full sunlight to work their best.

An above ground pool heater is easy to install and can be placed wherever you get the benefit of full sunlight. The longer the collectors spend in full sun, the more effectively they will work. The number of solar panels you will need to allow your solar pool heater to be effective depends on your pool size.

An above ground pool is even easier to heat with solar power than a ground pool is. Since it is not embedded in the cool earth, your solar pool heater is able to work even more quickly.

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